Safer lifting, efficient solutions

Nautilus Hooks™ is setting a new standard in global workplace safety, revolutionising the lifting industry and heralding the next generation of hooks. The unique safety features and design of this lifting hook eliminate the risk of pinch and trap injuries, and the configuration between handle and lock leads to an easier arm action to alleviate wrist strain.

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NautilusRigging is the leading innovator of advanced lifting equipment, specifically designed to meet industry needs. With this in mind, we are delighted to launch our NautilusROV Hooks, a patented, ‘positive locking’ design, focused on safe, secure, subsea lifting.




NautilusRigging has been manufacturing and supplying its award winning range of NautilusHooks™ since 2009. Our self-locking, patented safety hooks, are designed to put the safety of the operator first whilst maintaining efficiency.